Viel zu tun
das weisse haus
Vienna, 2016

I am the most free human being.
Nobody tells me what to do, when to get up, how much I should work.
If I want to be successful, I have to get up early.
First, answer some emails, then coffee.
I have to be strict with myself.
I have to promote myself and do some networking.
I have to make this exhibition. And it has to be good.

It is often said that freedom is necessary for the arts. At the same time, our next exhibition has to be really successful and we should definitely take care of our social insurance. And while we are trying to find our own way between the "must dos" and "should dos" , the "want to dos" may be left behind.
From sign to sign, the exhibition "viel zu tun" tells a story about an afternoon in pajamas, ceaselessly controlling emails and the satisfaction of ticking off to-do-lists. It outlines the everyday life as a self-employed artist and describes the tension between freedom and constraint.